We focus on the Ability
not the Disability.

Box Hill Institute Employment Services has been awarded a new contract for Disability Employment Services (DES). This is a Government Funded contract, which specializes in assisting people who are facing complex barriers to employment ranging from physical, intellectual and mental health to gain and maintain sustainable ongoing employment within the open employment market.

Box Hill Institute Employment Services will deliver the program tailored around YOU.

We will map out the journey with you from your very first appointment and then make sure we are with you for every stage of your employment journey.

Some of the things we will assist you with into work include

  • > Helping you identify your skills
  • > Create a tailored resume for you
  • > Looking at your current skills and then enrolling you into further training if needed
  • > Interview preparation and support
  • > Talking with employers directly about you and creating a role that will suit your skills and works your restrictions
  • > Getting you ready for work; including work clothing and haircuts etc.

Once you are in work, we are still here!

  • > Regular contact with you during your first 12 months, tailored around how much YOU need us.
  • > Assistance with work training (upskilling) and uniforms if needed
  • > Educating employers about diversity in their workforce
  • > A friendly ear to listen to any workplace issues you are having
  • > An advocate to assist with any workplace issues.
  • > Assisting to organise workplace modifications if needed.

About Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute delivers education to people, businesses, and community groups with many different needs, interests, and backgrounds.

Our qualifications range from certificates I to IV, diplomas and advanced diplomas, even associate, bachelor and master degrees. Our vocational and higher education qualifications are nationally accredited and internationally recognised.

We have students from all over the world, from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Every year, we help between 40,000 and 60,000 students pursue a passion, develop their potential, and kick-start their career.

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