How BHI Employment Services will assist you.

Some of the things we will assist you with into work include

  • > Helping you identify your skills
  • > Create a tailored resume for you
  • > Looking at your current skills and then enrolling you into further training if needed
  • > Interview preparation and support
  • > Talking with employers directly about you and creating a role that will suit your skills and works your restrictions
  • > Getting you ready for work; including work clothing and haircuts etc.

Once you are in work, we are still here!

  • > Regular contact with you during your first 12 months, tailored around how much YOU need us.
  • > Assistance with work training (upskilling) and uniforms if needed
  • > Educating employers about diversity in their workforce
  • > A friendly ear to listen to any workplace issues you are having
  • > An advocate to assist with any workplace issues.
  • > Assisting to organise workplace modifications if needed.